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We love to make high quality wedding videos for people who appreciate the difference.

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Mainstream aspect & traditional documentary method

We promise to record each and every important moments of your wedding days. We believe that a one-hour long wedding video can be just as fun and exciting as a four-minute long trailer. StudingerFilms provide both for you. Naturally we satisfy any of your special requests.

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Always the same theme in thousand ways to do it... For this you've got to have a very special talent...

Miklós Jancsó
film director and screen writer

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The Boss

András Studinger

At the age of 8 he wanted to be a famous magician and humorist. However the more he aged the worse his jokes were and there were only one card trick in his pocket. Luckily, destiny had other plans with him. He shot his first film on one of his birthdays. By today he became very competent in making films and commercials.

The Controller

Orsolya Panczel

All around beauty seeker, insatiable foodie and hopeless romantic. She doesn't get flurried if she need to do some touch ups on your makeup. She's blessed with great taste of style and as a teammate she has complete veto power over our films - we trust in her woman's eyes. She's the grand jury in one person and maybe it's not a coincidence since she's a lawyer by degree.

The Fresh-eyed Player

Andor Szabó

Not only because of giving his optimistic and bright attitude to our common work but being there on time in every situation makes him irreplaceable in our team. After his studies at the Film Academy and a short stay in London, he found himself in studios and started his promising career as a voice actor. He represents the Y generation in full fling at the team.

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